Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation I received in 2010 upon applying for colleges. I feel like it still applies for a mission.
This was written for me from my little sister's friend.

Dear Random People Who Should Care:
This is Monica. She is tall, and has brown hair. She enjoys brownies and long walks on the beach. she also knits, and designs enticing arrays of butterschotch-filled christmas baskets. (...?) Not only does she contribute to recycling, but she also has teeth. and some skin on her face. it comes in handy when she wants to look like a human being. She basks in the light of candles, and glows in the flurry of extensive and skill-ridden violin-ing. Not to mention can play a mean scale of accordian. In her spare time, she likes to help ancient citizens count their old-world coin collections, and feed handless oragnutans in south east asia. While piano is in her line of work, the vivid and dynamic reflexes of a feline plunder through her veins when drawing an artistic phenomenon. Such as characters to her novels-and-such. With the words, "Hey you with the face." In her vocabulary, her comedic expression and endless drive to make the world smile excrete through her pores when singing christmas carols. With extra curriculars such as orchestra, gnome carving, and russian-language teaching, this nature and out-door ridden homosapian will MAKE you want to get down and boogey. And there, People who should bereading this even though im not sure the name of them, is why you should pick MONICA PAINTER, to be at the campus, of (insert college here.)
Signed, and disowned by,
Ciana JP Meere.
(signature included below)

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