Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello from Udonthani! Week 3 or 4 or something!


Going to try to type fast, a ton happened this week!

First of all, our investigator disappeared... Yeah. He never came home. Like, he is legitamately lost from his family? They have no idea where he is. ... Yeah.
But now we visit a family of a grandma and her 5-6 nieces and nephews, and 3 of them have committed to be baptized! Whoa!!! So we may have 3 this month after all!

So I have officially began to be very tired! I fall asleep everywhere. Like, we were hiding away in the secretary office to plan for the week at the church, and I fell asleep sitting up. So my companion was like, "it's fine! I can finish this!" and so I somehow ended up on our elder's investigator's lap, Moogmeep. She is my age, and TINY! She's like, "SLEEP HERE!" hahah. So I passed out asleep on an investigator. I don't know if that's allowed, but I did it. Whatever. :)

So a profound truth this week: "We always want to run from our problems. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to face them." No truer words have been said this week.

Speaking of profound-ness: the most incredible thing that has ever happened! Pres. Senior himself came to Udonthani for a district conference with our small group. He told us this: this is different than what we've done before, but I really feel like THIS AREA, Udonthani, needs to change our methods. Then he commissioned us to ONE THING. He told us that our priority now, in order to get a temple, was to RESCUE the members we already have and focus on Melchezedik Priesthood holders. If we can get that, we can get a temple.

I know that is why I was asked to be here NOW. For some reason the next 4 months are very important to rescue certain people and bring them back into the fold-- insomuch that we will be able to get a temple here. It's amazing. Truly amazing.

Also, in news: In August, transfers will change to every 9 WEEKS so that people don't awkwardly overlap in the MTC. How interesting... I'll have like 8 transfers in total.

A funny story with the language: When taking a picture, I told MaaBaum to "Smile grandma!" instead of "smile big!" .... Oops. She laughed so hard. Those darn tones! Why is big and grandma the same word?!? Hahaha.
I also threatened my Cambodian housemate that I would crawl into her room at night-- she told me this: "I'd see you! You're so white!" :p

During Conference with the whole Eeson area, (members, everyoneeee),-- came in to Udon for it-- in order to make a point about raising the Title of Liberty, Pres. Senior literally, during his talk, took off his coat, RIPPED IT IN TWO, and hoisted it in the air!! WHAT! Everyone was so surprised, there was an audible AHHH! Hahahaha. That man sure is flashy with his boldness! I think they got the message. :)

Pres & Sis Senior came and saw our house-- they'd never seen it. In doing so, he even came in our rooms! 3 minutes notice, by the way. So he saw I had like 5 photos on the wall, and he's like, "Family, MTC, temple, who's this? Is this your brother on a mission?" Yeah, it was Jared. I told him it was my significant other to which he and Sis Senior "ooooo"'d! Hahaha. Then I told him, "He finished his mission this month" and he laughed and said, "Oh good! You have some time to get Dear Jane'd!" Then he winked. :p I said, "thanks President." And we all laughed. :p

I ate some leafy thing that tasted like black licorice... interesting. haha

Sis Pannida: "What does 'braking down' mean?"
Me: "Like, so frustrated you are crying?"
[Note, so meant to say Breaking Dawn, the Twilight movie title. :p I find the title "Braking Down' more accurate.... We had a good laugh.]

An apostle and a 70 are coming to Thailand on the 18th!! WHOAA!! We'll find out why soon. I have a feeling it's a big deal. They're making it a big deal.

We'll skype for mother's day on your Sunday :) It'll be MY monday, and it'll be from an internet cafe. :)

I love you all so much!!!!!!
Sis Painter

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