Monday, December 2, 2013

Mission Tour and the cold

The average of the mission is to get 40 baptisms in a month. This month, there were 109 BAPTISMS. This is a message from our President. Just wow.

Sis Painter
Oh, ps, our mission got those rad safety vests because we're totally awful at riding our bikes that apparently the asia area is enforcing us to wear them at night. It's so funny because people ask us, what the heck does Mormon mean? Oh it's good. These vests are power tools for speed!!!
Dear Family!
IT IS FREEZING OUT HERE. Our house doesn't have anything for "warming" so, this last week, it got way cold and now I'm officially a baby. To all my friends in Utah, just know that I'm gonna die and I'm gonna need a parka when I get back to the Y......

So this week we didn't really have an actual Thanksgiving thing at all except for some turkey and mashed potatoes for mission tour. That was nice! But then we were all fighting to stay away from the next 3 hours of it, so Elder Wilson of the 70 had us get up and stretch and do bizarre workouts to keep us alive.

Our zone actually did have an activity though on PDay, we had a turkey bowl!!!! So, just so it's clear, I don't play football. But hey, I tried. And failed miserably. But it was way hilarious when the sprinklers came on on us at the park and just as Elder Chelson was about to hike the ball as quarterback, the sprinkler would dart him right in the face because he was at a perfectly awkward height. An LOL and a half.

Mission tour was so cool. We're going to begin reading 1 Nephi chapter 1 with pretty much anyone we can find because it is obviously SO meant to be the first chapter of the Book of Mormon. You can all the pieces of the restoration in it. It's so insanely accurate to what happens when a new prophet is called in a new dispensation that we were all mind-blown!

And Elder and Sister Wilson were entirely inspired for us. They were so in tune it was unbelievable. They opened up a question and answer and basically answered any question all our little hearts had in two answers. It was nuts.

And what was way special, especially for me, was that we had a Sisters meeting too. And Sister Wilson laid down one of the most profound "Let's be Realistic" sermons I've ever heard. Like, I just tried to explain it and I couldn't, so I deleted it. It was very much about knowing that we are earthen vessels, made to crack and not be perfect. In this life, we won't be perfect. But through our cracks, the light within us can shine through to be seen. Those who try to cover up what they see as imperfections, using paint or whatever other means to hide, aren't letting themselves bask in the wonderous opportunity to be molded by the master potter.

So with this, let us all be real with ourselves and with God. Sometimes people are afraid of perfect people because they feel they will not be understood. Where-as, someone who has been weathered by the storms of life, will be a warm beacon of light across the rocky shore: that there's hope and peace to be found, because someone else has risen through it before.

Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy-- you may rescue, you may save.

Sister Painter

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