Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If you are thinkiong about a mission!

Dear Family & Friends,

I have gotten a bunch of questions about my mission, and one of them was about how my mission leaders have affected my life.

If there was a name you didn't recognize that sounded like a lot of funny sounds during conference as a new Asia Area 70, I would like to announce that one of my mission role models, Elder Khanakham, was just called as the VERY FIRST THAI GENERAL AUTHORITY.

He is one of the most inspiring, wise, and consecrated individuals I have ever met. He is literally the most profound, concise, loving and purposeful servant of God and the perfect representative for Thailand's well-being. Thailand is literally going places. We have a general authority. I've watched his example my whole mission. I know that Thailand is in the hands of a real disciple.

But above and beyond all the people to whom I have looked to for guidance on my mission, the one with the most impact and most lasting influence, has been my hero. President Senior.

To any and all that are thinking about being a missionary, whoever you may be, where-ever you may be, I want to promise you one thing. You will never respect a person more, than the man holding the keys to your mission and your life as a missionary. Your mission president will change your life. He will inspire you, lift you, and know you more personally than you would ever expect. He knows what your mission was meant to do for you.

I had no idea that my mission was meant to change the entire life that will follow it.

To any and all that are thinking about mission service, I want to be a witness that you will never regret that decision. Make sure it is right for God's plan for you first. And then, if you get that confirming yes, rejoice. God has more in store for you than you will ever imagine. You will see the impossible. You will view the world with eyes that really see.

To all of your in Young Women's. Just know that "the Theme" will literally be the theme of your life. Your life is a journey of becoming. And as one Sister once said over the conference pulpit: "All I needed to know, I learned in Young Women's."

If you are a Young Man-- your white shirt and tie are a symbol to the world. We need all of you out here.

If I could use any more boldness I would. To be a missionary is to lose your life in order to find it.

Let's talk about light. As you stroll through your daily life you feel you are entirely like everyone else. I testify to you, that you shine brightly because of what you know. You radiate.

"Once Brigham Young was asked why we are sometimes left alone and often sad, his response was that man has to learn 'to act as an independent being to see what he will do- and try his independency- to be righteous in the dark. That becomes easier to do when we see the 'gospel glow radiating from illuminated individuals'." - Elder Faust.

On my mission, I have experienced darkness. Missions are not easy, but they are worth it. At times you have to take steps in the dark, but right as you make that step the light goes on. And it is the light I have seen in my mission leaders, my life heroes, those 'illuminated individuals' that has made all the difference.
You will need your Mission President.
You will need your trainer.
You will need your companions.
Your mission will need you.

Take it from a girl who never thought she'd wear a name-tag. To any and all who are considering, or have never considered, or are considering to consider: let me be this witness.

It is, and will ever be, the driving experience that leads the rest of your life. Of this I know: God calls you where you must go, and tells you what you must do, and the moment that you lose your life in the service of God, you find it radiating beyond that last dark step.

I want to thank my mission heroes. My supportive example of my Dad. My inspired and loving Mission President. My profoundly influential Zone Leaders. My prized District Leaders. My Thai trainer Sister Pannida. My sweet precious "Greenies", all three. My companions and friends. I am compilation of everything I have ever seen and heard from you. Thank you, endlessly.
My time is not yet done. But the gratitude spills over. As I move forward towards Conference and the future of Thailand, I know with a surely: "There must needs be more than this." - 2 Nephi 10:21

Sister Painter


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