Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Last Day

Feeling a little poetic on my last day at the MTC.

My last day at the MTC drew me into some reflection...
That day was today, by the way.
The best way I can explain my feelings,
well... there's really no other way to say.

After such an experience-- oddly enough--
I express myself in the same way,
as did I at the close of my missionary service,
"How I felt on my very last day."

Full of Gratitude.

Thus, a poem... written from the desk I sat in on my last day, inspired entirely by Alma 26.

"I Have Seen Too Much"

God knew what he wanted to make of me.
I am an instrument peculiarly crafted;
an instrument in His hands I become,
when I open my heart to be drafted.

I have seen too much to ever leave my station.
Too deep in His debt.
Too filled to ever be truly empty,
too attached to ever forget.

I've seen too much in the "marvelous light"
that God shed on that station-
highlighting vision, miracle and step.
How could I have ever forgotten the thousands from Krungthep?

No effort ever wasted,
for the ripple-effect remains.
Though I may never see it all
in the remainder of my days.

Gathered in the garners, the people that He loves,
both missionary and member alike,
see the Holy Ghost as a dove,
and the gospel as a light.

He sees the potential in all residential,
conversion fights whirlwinds of strife.
I have never seen such a glorious thing,
not ever in my life.

"For if we had not come," they say,
Oh, my heart fleeth at the thought.
I would have never met the ones that He, not I, would have taught.

"And we lived after the manner of happiness." 
- 2 Nephi 5:27

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