Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week Two: Routines are Thai-t

Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 12:49PM (Email from MTC)


Hey family!!!

So we finally have a routine. Unfortunately, there are a million people here so it's packed and you have to be smart about getting around. In the next 90 days, there will be 8000+ people here. Right now we are pumping 3000. That. Is. Insane.

This week I started to learn how to read script. It's kind of nuts, because vowels can basically go where-ever they wanna go!!! And sometimes consonants make random other sounds too, so it's a learning process. Thai is getting harder as I try to keep everything I already learned under my belt. It's overwhelming thinking they have a whole world of words to learn that all sound the same.

So, you know how I call Mom "Mammy"? Well, the word for mom in Thai is: "MAA!" (Like, MA-mmy. HAHAH. I was like, "yesssss.") The word for dad is 'Pa', and parents is: "MA-pa". :) Just for fun facts.
Jesus Christ: Phrayeesukrid
Heavenly Father: Phrabida bon Sawan
Crazy = babccbaboh. (Buh-bah-buh-bo) :) Hahah.

Funny story: There's a few 18yr olds Elders in our district, and they are fun to mess with. Sometimes I speak fake sign language with Elder DeLagarza because he thought the first time I did it that it was real because it LOOKED legit. He was like, "I DON'T KNOW SIGN LANGUAGE!!!" So once he found out, days later, I told him it was "Thai Sign". Now we speak Thai sign occasionally. Hahaha.

To answer mom's question: The way we BEGAN to learn Thai was by reading in 'romanized' english. So backwards c's and x's are all tonal sounds. Thai has those 5 tones, like I said, and they are represented by vowels in script. Script is coming slowly, and it's amazing that I even remember half the letters. I have a kindergarten book that I trace the characters on. I feel awesome when I do it, because there is pictures.... :) Haha.

I officially cannot eat any more treats for about a month. If anyone sends me a package, send me PENS, HIGHLIGHTERS, or snack foods. I have eaten so many Valentine's treats that I literally cannot eat any more sugar without exploding. :) You all spoiled me!!!!

I ran into a LOT of friends this week! Brandon and Melinda got here, and I saw Alexis's sister working here, and my buddy Rory who works vending machines! So fun.


We also got to go on a temple walk. It was nice to get out, but it is FREEZING! The Provo temple is SUPER nice. I've been twice now, and I love it.

Write me DearElders!!! I miss them! Hugs hugs hugs to all of you who have written me. I should be able to respond today!!!

Sister Stewart and I are teaching lessons this week. Praying we'll start to get the hang of this Thai thing! It really is insane. :p 

I love you all!!!
Sister Painter!

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