Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 7 - Last Sprinting


Don't have a ton of time, but I'll write as fast as I can. I asked Melissa for prints of the Jared photos she sent-- if somebody who loves me could actually do that, I would be on cloud 9. Of course his best pictures come AFTER I'm gone. I only want the ones she emailed me please!!!!! Whoever gets me those prints before I leave the MTC gets whatever they want from Bangkok. Remember that.

So as for big news: I sang in an MTC choir that will be featured between conference sessions (I believe on the saturday)-- they're doing a big thing about how life at the MTC has escalated, so we're singing a song for it that they had commissioned for us to sing. I'm at the end of a row in my grey striped sweater. If you think you see me, you did! So watch for me on TV!

It got cold again this week and it snowed. So it's time for the warmy-warms of Thailand. Seriously.

Thank Molly and her girls, Grandma Zoma, and Aunt Melanie for all the love I got this week! I will never run out of popcorn now. They are so wonderful!! I cut open a box of peeps and they hardened to perfection.

We got new thai's last week: 2 elders and 3 sisters (one sister dropped out to get married or we would've have 4)-- and they are cute! I sent a pic of the girls. I don't know the thai elders at all.

This week I ran into Parker Rasmussen! Aka, this morning. I'll send the photo in a second. I also saw Blake Randall, Kalisha Walters from BYU, and my friend Adam Sierra who works here. :)

The other district of Thai elders are crazy. Flat out weird. They have a game called: "GAME". (Clever) in which they have cards of dares, and they are all bizarre, and they do them. So this week, all the Elders in the other district removed their mattresses and slept on the metal frames. It was called: "metal bed night" and it was miserable for all of them. But totally totally hilarious. Those Elders have the best stupid stories. Ever. Hahahaha

We played District volleyball (all of us together vs.) and it was SO FUN. Although, I don't have a ton of skill, it was still fun. 4 square is definitely also a favorite here.

I decided that you seriously can't know what a mission is like, or what it entails, until you actually have done it for yourself. I listened to Jared's mission for the entire time, but I never have fully understood until I actually got here and tried it. Its going to get harder in the field, so my respect for missionaries everywhere has escalated by 326 times.
This week I told the Cambodians (in our zone) about dad and how we took a trip to the east coast for the Viper, because Elder Brittain was from Rochester, NY. I successfully earned the respect of the Cambodians.

Bro. Burgess, my teacher, decided it would be amazing if we put a big chair in the middle of the room and put someone in it, called it "the love chair" and told that person everything we sincerely loved about them. I got to be in the love chair this week once, and oh my gosh, I almost cried. Do me a favor, go tell someone what you love about them this week. People need to know that stuff.

We actually got a new elder this week. Sounds crazy, but we did. He got to come back to the MTC from last year and now he's leaving with us-- he is such a kind soul. So glad he made it back. Way proud of him.

I'm itching to get to Thailand now, I think the walls are closing in. But I admit I am very inadequate at the language. But you know what? At this moment that is the least important thing. I will be going in to Thailand able to bear a solid testimony and pray. So with the testimony that I have, and the heart that I've got now, I'm ready to be humbled with the language in an attempt to find somebody willing to try to understand my broken Thai. The most important thing is that the message I will so badly deliver, is true.

Anyway, almost done here. On the last stretch and trying to finish this MTC experience with no regrets! Trying to memorize the first vision in Thai before I go so that I have something to take with me to Thailand that will inspire and uplift. Tones are hard. Haha.


LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I leave April 8th. You're amazing. Thanks for writing me and helping me feel loved and supporter. I love you all!!!!!

Sister Painter!


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