Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 8/9: FOR THAILAND!!

April 2, 2013


Gonna try and write as fast as humanly possible-- I take too long sending you guys pictures. I sent a picture of my flight plans record, I'll attach it again here. It'll make more sense looking at the paper than me trying to write it out, but I'll try really quick:(flight info may change slightly, but in theory this is all correct and I will be calling Monday evening!)
SLC 7:50pm (could call before then maybe)---> LAX April 8 arrive at 8:50pm in LA
leave LAX at 11:55 --> HONG KONG (arrive at 5:45am)
HONG KONG (8:55am) ---> BANGKOK (10:40am)
We bounce through time zones so I am pretty sure one flight is gonna be like almost 15 hours. Yuck! Anyway, review the flight itinerary photo, it'll make more sense than me just now.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!! I got it the day before Easter! Tell Mom that I cannot believe how good she did. All the crocs are perfect, they fit perfect, the clothes were the exact ones I was thinking of.... SHE DID GOOD!! I love her!
On Easter, it was crazy because we had a 3000+ missionary sacrament meeting and we all got the sacrament at the same time. It was like Jesus breaking bread and fishes for 5000. It was so cool-- I'll definitely never experience something like that again!

Melissa asked about conference-- I think I should be in between two sessions on Saturday, but it could be Sunday. It's a broadcast in between. Look for me!
When Jared gets home, I think he would definitely enjoy riding rollercoasters. You have my approval-- take good care of him! And somebody dearelder him and tell him that I met Elder Wahl's little brother! He's coming to Thailand with me! Insane. Elder Wahl told me at breakfast that his brother knew me, and I was like, "What?" Turns out he just got home from Armenia!! No wonder "Wahl" sounded familiar!! My street credit in Armenia lives on!!

 I have less than 500 days to make a difference-- crazy! In theory I will be home July 16, 2014. That's crazy. CRAZY. What's crazier? I'm speaking thai somehow-- really bad sounding Thai, but by then, I'LL SPEAK THAI!!
Call Uncle Tom and tell him that I need a favor. I'll be sending 2 boxes to 'Postmark' when I leave where he can pick them up here in Provo for free. I should have one more PDAY they give us to email you again with more info, but Postmark should be able to just call him and tell him they have it. He just has to pick it up within 2 days or something and it's free. If not it's $2.00. Hahhaha. Anyway, I'll be sending home a LOT of Thai materials, letters, and winter clothes. So call him and let him know I need his help to go pick it up-- it'll probably be sent out the Monday I leave, because I don't load up on the bus until 4:30pm.
FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK (that I can think of, I'm laughing 24/7):
So I gained 10 lbs. I'm just gonna put that out there. So one day I put on a skirt and think, "YIKES. There is no way this is comfortable the way it is." So what do I do? The sewing teacher in me sees a solution. So I undo a seam, TAKE OUT THE ELASTIC, and sew it back up. It's now the most comfortable, favorite skirt I have. #yesIgained10lbs #not-ashamed
Elder Hunt and I (he got knee surgery a couple weeks ago, so now he's our gimp. He got pushed back now to heal up here. BUMMER)

I do have a question:
Do you remember what Pres. Salmon's blessing said? I remember a few things, but not a lot.
Sorry this email is lame. I had to read through some stuff from my MISSION PRESIDENT. Yes, I have one. I'm a missionary. Whoa.
I get to email again before I leave, so yay! It'll be better next time. Sorry this one is so business-y.
GOT MY THAI NAMETAG! :) Yes, I can read it!

As a last statement: CROCS ARE THE BEST THING INVENTED. SO COMFORTABLE. (I never thought I would ever say that. In Lauren Myrick's words: "Cute crocs! Said nobody ever." But actually, the pairs you sent are adorable, practical and perfect-- just like my MOM!!)
Sister THAI SPEAKIN' Painter

Me and all the Sisters leaving with me, thai flag

Me and my girls!

Elder Martin (our new Elder from last week) and I-- we get along well! haha

Last district photo!!!

Me & Elder Pyne "Pooh Bear" (also, Missa, this is 'Josh' from Drake and Josh!)

Me & my 2 favorite Cambodians in our zone (they loved my Viper stories)

Show Marjorie this pic! Thats me and Sis. Sahagun!

Me & my companion!! Just lovin' each other.

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