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Week 2 - First Baptism!

Sunday, April 21, 2013 (in the US) (Monday in Thailand) - email


Sawadiikah from Udonthani, week 2! Life is crazy here. Somehow I understand what Sister Pannida says MOST of the time, and I'm trying my hardest to understand the members better. Depending on voices and speed, it's hard to tell a lot of the time!
me and my companion, Sister Pannida
So about my week: FIRST BAPTISM!! Totally amazing. I almost teared up when she stepped into the water. PhiiRuung was baptized yesterday, and a member boy who has the Melchezidek priesthood baptized her-- he had never done it before! He was so kind and gracious about it. What a sight. His name is Mac and he's prepping for a mission!
Phii Ruung was baptized!
 and one with me and my companion and PhiiRuung yesterday at the baptism
We went to a market to get some food for breakfast the other day-- those markets are insane. People sit atop their spots and sell WHATEVER people will eat! Pig heads even. But I personally like the juice makers-- they make the BEST juice slush drinks ever, straight from real fruit thrown in the juicer machine blender thing. And there are people who make fried donuts wedge things, 1 BHT each--- totally buy like 15 of them. That's 50 cents for 15 donuts. YEAH.
There's one with me and my new trusted steed, Chang Chang (elephant in Thai)
I got my bike, chang chang (elephant), and after some adjustments I can ride without having a back-ache. The put in a higher handlebar and now it's a good time! Traffic is still insane. But it's definitely better than
Bangkok by about 1000 times.

We went to an ice cream buffet and I had 3 bowls-- for $1.50 USB. YEAH. Everything is so cheap here. So cheap! In fact, can somebody get me Jenn Lee's email and home address (permanent one)? I have something for her! Everything here is cheap except bikes. hahaha Its so funny what some people wear because they dont know english and shirts are cheap. In fact, a lady wore a playboy shirt to church yesterday because of the cute bunny. Life is funny here.

a marketplace we went to get some food! crazy stuff there, like pig heads!
We handed out english cards in the market, that was real fun and less scary. Everyone likes to receive stuff from Falangs! (white people. haha)  
Yes, there are elders who live almost next door to us-- they take good care of us. There are 4 that live there. The two other sisters live with us, Weed (*mtc roomie) and her Cambodian comp. Sis. Nuon. No monkeys, but there are a ton in Guumpawhoppii, where we're going to serve this weekend. No crocodiles or elephants either.

I'm in Udonthani, it's on the top part of the ghetto, where people speak Eeson. We visited a member's husband, Paa-yoo, and he wasn't very receptive and just wanted to drink and watch TV. They live in what is not much better than our backyard town we made as kids. They had a campfire going and they have a few chairs and crates. But by the end Paayoo opened up and prayed with us, and I was asked to give the closing prayer. Because he speaks Eeson, I had NO CLUE what he had said the WHOLE time (different language) and the whole time I had been thinking about his chickens and her babies that were chilling under the TV (that's how poor they are here.) No idea why. So I felt like I should pray... about his chicks... Yeah. I did. So I did it. We're biking home and I asked Sis Pannida if she understood my prayer. She said yes-- "I can't believe you understood Eeson!" and I said, "....what?" Turns out he had talked all about his chicks, and I remembered the word for baby chickens from Bro Burgess in the MTC. Wow. The Holy Ghost really does inspire what to say.

Why did I eat the maggot? SHE HANDED IT TO ME! I couldn't be rude! 
Trying to bloom where I'm planted. Udonthani NEEDS flowers.

We had a zone activity where we went bowling-- I'm still not "Gang" (skilled.)

Our goal here is to get Thailand a temple. If Thailand gets one, ALL of southeast asia can come-- Bangkok is CENTRAL! Pres. Senior said the next 4 months are apparently crucial-- they will make or break the future of the church here. I guess we know why I'm here when I am now!!!

Loveeeee with all my heart,
Sis. Painter
literally a cricket shop... to eat.

Zone activity -- bowling!

one with me and our English class sign in front of the church building. :)

one with me and NongYuuy (she took it of us, that's why I'm so big! She's prepping for a mission too I think.)

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