Monday, July 8, 2013


July 8, 2013

So..... I'm still in Udon! My beloved place! But I got a new companion!

Remember how last week I was being trained? ............ This week, I'M A TRAINER! I'm literally on transfer 3, had no follow-up training, and yet I'm being entrusted with a BRAND NEW out-of-the-mtc greenie. I'm a mom!

Her name is Sister Narayanan, and she is from Sacramento, California. But she's 100% born in India! This week went really well-- training is going good!

Anyway, I have only found joy in it so far. It's a lot of hard work, but so amazing. We've already seen blessings. I know I've seen it in my ability to understand and speak with the people. I know it comes with the calling and trust put in the Lord.

My kiddo is doing great-- her desire to love the people and the country is amazing. She's not afraid to talk-- even if they don't understand her just yet. She shows no fear! And she is so willing to do whatever I ask of her. No fear! Just love!

So far she's on track with language and training (except she's too happy in some of her tones, haha). I am so grateful for this opportunity. It means so much to me. I really am just so happy.

As for stories, sorry I don't have a ton of time-- 4 mins! We had to go get her a lot of stuff seeing as it was her first Pday with no bike of her own! BUT, I did take her through a flood that was like 2 feet deep, feet immersed in the water. So fun.

We also cleaned out the whole house! We rearranged everything! It looks so nice!

Our investigators are all doing good. Trying to prepare Chelum for baptism, we'll have to work out his security guard schedule.

Sorry this email is lame. Just wanted to tell you that all of a sudden I have a million responsibilities. This is NUTS! I'm literally training a new missionary! My personal time has flown out the window.

I now know what it's like to be a parent-- do everything for your child, and they have no idea!!

Sis Painter

 Me and my favorite people!! Sis June is moving to Bangkok (she's in the middle in pink with short hair) so this is our farewell photo! They all mean so much to me!
Me, my greenie, Gaew the member, Sis Carter and Sis Phelps
Me & my child
  Sis Jin :) We went to work out in Maa Pawn's rice farm--- this is us planting rice!

My greenie

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