Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"The Week I Realized I was Fat" - Week 19ish

Sunday, June 16, 2013


So yes, as the title of the email so eloquently describes, I realized this week that I am chubbier than I have ever been. How is that possible? I work 24/7, I bike 24/7... but let's be real. My rice intake is off the charts. Anyway. No, I'm really not that fat. But Thailand is obsessed with their weight, and its not impolite to call someone fat here. It's like how you describe people so you know who you're talking about. So yeah. All our investigators also think I've put on some pounds. I'm not denying it. I have. But its okay because now I'm not super fragile anymore, so when people poke me in the tummy I just make the pillsbury doughboy noise and life is good.

I hope that paragraph entertained someone other than myself. Trying to cut back on the 'Daddy Doughnuts'. It's a hard life.

Speaking of Daddy's: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!! I love you!!!

This week was pretty fun! I had some exciting things occur! Like.... BANG GOT BAPTIZED! I'm stoked. I've attached a picture of me and her. She's 11yrs old. She's changed so much. Now we're working with her mom so return to the church (she fell away long ago) and her mom gave us a referral to teach her dad!! So one day we hope to have a full family at church. It's my dream for her.

So as a mini miracle of the week-- we went to go get Bang's baptism dress for the ceremony and... THERE WAS NO DRESS. All the kid dresses disappeared!!!! What the?!? So I got this random thought: "WAIT." And I remembered! The night before, we had JUST bought a white dress for her by total coincidence because that's the one that would fit! The 3 girls didn't have any clothes to wear to church really, so we got some nice things for them as presents. BOOM, made a swap and gave them their new dresses. And so she was baptized in the dress we bought for her. Talk about perfect timing!

I got to play violin at her baptism, and I also got to play in the bustling market street of UD Town to get people's attention as we passed out english cards to learn english free. So I played violin while the members handed out cards and the other missionaries sung the hymns I played. Super sweet!

We have some cool new investigators: a referral from our superstar recent convert (Ruung, my first baptism when I got here). Her name is Ragk, and we also got a referral from the Elders from the day we all went out Dan Jone's-ing. They met a security man who sits in the same spot, bored, for 12 hours a day. They gave him a BOM. Yeah, he's on 1 Ne. Chapter 22 already, like a week later. We stop and see him every couple days as he sits in front of the shop at his post. :) So cool. It'll be hard though to find a way to get Sundays off for him though. But he has a major desire to know if these things are true. Its really neat to see he always has his BOM and our pamphlets beside his chair just sitting outside. They are always there!

As for funny things: The day I bought the dresses for the little girls (like 80 cents for their clothes....), I also saw a little squirrel baby. What the? Oh wait. They're PETS. Oh wait, you can play and hold them. Oh wait, THAT ONE IS IN A DRESS. Yeah, they have squirrels in dresses as  pets. This is real life.

I got to see another 3 day old baby at the hospital. :) His name is Errt (how they pronounce Earth.) They are so tiny!!!!

For service I weeded a rice pad. That was soooo cool. The sand was so soft! And I'd find tiny frogs here and there. Thai's really know what work is. Everyone is up before the sun. They work hard here for what they have, which is not a lot.

Oh, and I'm 21 years old on Wednesday!! Thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes!!!!!!

I love you all!
Sis Painter

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