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Hello from Roi Et! (Aug 18)

August 18, 2013


So yes, I got white-washed (go into the area where both of us don't know anything about it.)

But we weren't originally going to be here! We were orginally called to serve in Srinakharin, Bangkok. I was using subways and stuff for two days before President called me and said, "Hey, actually can you pack up? I need you to go to Roi Et." There's a sick sister that needed to be in Bangkok. So at first, I was a little bumbed. I'd never served in Bangkok!

After much moving this week, we are finally here in Roi Et, Thailand. And we're LOVING the branch. I LOVE THIS PLACE! I love this city! Forget Bangkok! THE EESAN IS MY HOME! They had an amazing mother's day activity (it was literally so well put together and more people came to that than there was mom's.) We're talking microphones, speakers, slidehsow equipment, a live band made up of branch presidency members... the works!

WE HAD A MIRACLE! On Sunday, we had no idea who belonged to our area, etc etc. but I got this call and it was this little girl asking if we were at the church. I said yes. Then she said some mumbled stuff and I wasn't sure what she was asking (I don't think she knew either) so we hung up. 15 minutes later, I'm hearing this chattering behind me. A member is explaining stuff to a girl in ripped jeans. I turned around to see who it is and the member introduces me quietly to Boog. A light bulb goes off! Boog was the name of the girl that JUST called me! She FOUND the church!! And she waltzed in all by herself!

Bro Khiaw (means green), taught an amazing investigator class at church for sunday school. He AND his big mole hairs on his face did an amazing job. He has these glasses that make his eyes HUGE. He is literally hilarious. All the members are the sweetest. We've been fed twice in two days at member's homes! The members just call and invite us all over! It's crazy! I've never been fed on my mission!

Elder Yuen (zone leader) swears that when us 5 new missionaries whitewashed into this area, it got brighter. And you know what? I feel brighter. I smile ALL THE TIME.

So like I may have said to you last week-- this transfer, this area, this sweet as sweet companion-- are my mission game-changers. I love everything about my mission. I know I'm supposed to be in Roi Et. Sister Packard and I are already best friends. She is the cutest of the cute and we have way too much fun. I am smiling all the time. Alllll the time.

Our district is great, the buddhist stuff is removed from our house (...why was it in there? How long have missionaries lived in there..?) and so the spirit can freely flow! :)
We've actually been remodeling the inside of our house. It's just us two who live in it, so we're doing WHATEV'S WE WANT! And are lovin' it. In fact, we have redone literally every living space in it. It looks legit now. And there are no ceremonial Buddhist things in there anymore.... Yay. :)
So we have a woman getting baptized on Saturday! And her sister shortly after! What a great way to come into an area.... :) But seriously. We showed up to church, and those two came, but then 3 NEW investigators came on their own (one by herself and two came with a member! so sweet!)
Anyway. I love Roi Et. There is an amazing breeze here. So we sit on our porch and eat breakfast on our tile floor after running. Its so nice. And we have a view of the tallest Buddha out our back window-- it is so cool. We're in Thailand!
My new companion is my new trainee! She is the adorable and tiny Sister Packard from Dallas, Texas. So now we're Paint and Pack as far as members are concerned. She is so easy going that she doesn't get stressed when she has no idea what's going on. She just says: "Hahahah. ...what?" I love it. I love her!!!! My new baby!!

Love you all!! Write me!!
Sister Painter

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