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The Best District (Sep 1)

September 1, 2013

Dear Family!
This week I seriously am smiling because I'm about to laugh about everything that happened. I can some it up with one phrase: "I have the best district." Whenever we are with them, I have never laughed harder on my mission. Life is so happy here.
So I actually want to start with my favorite experience first because it was seriously too funny and awesome. So we live just the two of us in a tiny little house that looks like it came from the movie "UP". Its a nice little house comparatively, but at night we always get so creeped out. Weird stuff, just us, the works. Doesn't help that we live next to a big giant open field. :P But the worst is that our door actually doesn't shut proper, so it's hard to tell if the lock is even doing anything. So when we open and close it, you have to ram into it. It's ghetto.
So last night as I had turned off the lights, it just didn't feel good in the house. I tried laying in bed and just didn't feel good about the dark. We were both creeped. And then as I'm about to make myself fall asleep, I hear a big BUMP and the walls shake, shaking my bed a little.
Are. You. Serious.

So my first thought is the front door. That's stinkin scary. So I pray and I say the same quote of comfort in my head over and over. I tell Sis Packard about the sound and she's like, "Stop. I'm freaked out." So we try to decide what to do while not making any noise or turning on any lights, in case someone actually IS in the house. I decide to call the Elders. They live about 8 minutes away. So they say to hold on a second and they'll come check it out.

So they get there and call me and say they're at the front door. I ask if anything is suspicious? Nope, gates locked. So we come down totally weirded out still. The Elders are on their bikes in their shorts and stuff and Elder Yuen says: "We brought some... weapons... just in case."
So we see them and I burst out laughing. Helmets on, red lights on their bikes flashing, and the 4 of them with their "homemade" weapons. One had an umbrella flashlight, the other had a pocket knife, one had brass knuckles (HAHA are you serious?) and the last one flipped out a switch blade. I just about died laughing. Then they went through our house to check everything they could. They got rid of every last supsicious anything they could find by throwing them over the fence.
... Or trying. Elder Tatton, our district leader, takes the bag of stuff we had taken down the first week that we had hidden away, and says: "I threw discus in highschool!" and launches it towards the fence to send it over. Yeah, it hit the fence and the bag exploded with a ton of stuff flying RIGHT BACK INTO our backyard. So Elder Cahoon (brass knuckles) hopped the other fence and had to go get the stuff himself again and throw it over.
So anyway, after the Elders checked the house they said they actually felt like our room was the place that felt the safest and best. Then they both told us that they got the same thought, and I looked at them so unbelieving! They impression they had both gotten when they prayed in there together was the quote I had replayed in my head over and over!
I looked at them in disbelief. It just goes to show that God really does listen to prayers. I know the spirit was in our room keeping us safe and happy, from whatever scares we might have. It was way cool. We all had goosebumps after now it is one of my favorite experiences I can remember on my mission. AND our house feels so safe now.
God really does listen!
Other than that, we had miracles!
We actually found the houses of two people we thought we'd never find! One is now our investigator, and the other... well, she's crazy. But at least we found her house! Accomplished!
Both our younger investigators got permission to be taught! I wish their families were in this town so we could teach them too WITH their kids.
I ran out of my missionary fund. So I was living off of my trainee's stock for a bit. Then the day we both ran out, I reached into my bag... and found 100 baht that was NEVER THERE! So we were able to eat!!!!!
We had an amazing training conference, and it was hilarious because they did roleplays in these hilariously realistic outfits. They even hoisted a king onto a table in a dress. So great. I felt the spirit all day that day. It was so helpful to know what I need to do to be better-- this week is seriously already planned out and busy. IT WILL BE SO AMAZING.
But this weekend was the craziest-- the Area 70 of Asia President Gong came and talked to just my zone. Then we had district conference with the surrounding areas to get Roi Et into a STAKE!!!! A stake!!!! And our recent converts and less actives that we haven't been able to find or contact came!!!
And then there's Alice. She is 13 years old. She spoke at the conference and said that in her classes, some people don't like talking to her because she doesn't want to talk about a lot of the things THEY want to talk about. She is standing as a witness of God at age 13-- and the most amazing part? She RADIATES LIGHT. -- and she brought a friend yesterday who we are now teaching!
So there you go. Now I'm off to eat ice cream and watch 17 miracles with "the best district".
I LOVE MY LIFE! I am so happy! It's a rollercoaster and way hard, but I am finally finding that I can be happy all the time if I want to be!
Sister Painter

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