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MIRACLES!! (Aug 25)

August 25, 2013

If that email title didn't get your attention, you have seriously high standards. Anyway! Yes! This week was incredibly filled with miracles. We would write them down every day and just be like, "How... did that even happen!!!" So I thought I would share. It all started with Sunday.
On Sunday, a girl called me named Buk (if you recall from last week), asking if I was at the church. I said yes..? Next thing I know, she walked in the door to the church. She stayed for all three hours in her little denim jeans, soaking in the gospel. By the end of the gospel class she had committed to pay tithing when she was a member! What? WHAT?
So the next day, I knew it was her birthday and I told her we would do something with her to celebrate. I call her and ask if she is free-- she is! So we take her to a special FHE at the Branch President's house! She brings her brother! They LOVE IT. That was one of my favorite things I've ever done on my mission. We just sat around a table after dinner with a guitar (President Suthep plays!!), first singing happy birthday, then church songs with his guitar still, then he shared many things with them in regards to the specialness of a birthday and what it means to be on earth. Best fellowshipping from a ton of great members. I had brought some treats, we ate them after the Elders shared a great message on prayer. They had investigators there too. So cool.
We only had one BOM on us, so we gave it to Buk, but saw them both the next day at english class, then on wednesday for a real appointment. They loved english class!! (Then at english class, Bop, a student, hesitated before leaving and wanted to learn more about prayer. We ended up teaching her this week too at a later appointment!)
So we sit down and teach them on Wednesday. That lesson could not have gone any better. We ended up giving her brother a Book of Mormon as well, but furthermore, after that 40 minute lesson, both of them walked away with an enormous smile and a baptismal date for the 21st of September.
Is this real life?
Then we're out running for exercise the next day. We decided we wanted to talk to someone every morning. But that particularly morning someone pulled US over and talked to US. We had a great gospel discussion and he had apparently learned before at some point but only once and hadn't gotten to find those missionaries again. We weren't sure if he was talking about the right church because he was only talking on the Bible. He left and we had memorized his phone number. Ran back home. Plugged the number into our phone-- HE WAS ALREADY IN IT! He almost came to our baptism on Saturday but got busy, but we will see him this week.
We also taught our dater who just got baptized, and oddly enough, her nephew runs in with a book of mormon eager to learn! What?? Then we found out he goes home fairly often so we CAN get permission to teach him! Then of course, Molly got baptized-- even without her sister who is dragging her feet!
In the course of the week, at least 3 people just WALTZED into the church....
And Buk came to the baptism! She made great friends throughout the week and she is so excited. She doesn't even need us to tell her where to go for sunday school and stuff, she just bolts in and takes her seat, eager to listen. She is an amazing amazing ready soul. She wants so bad for her brother to get back from their parents house so he can come and feel what she feels at church and learn with her. There were many topics on strengthening families and how to do it. She truly believes that prayer and scripture study can help her family. She is a golden star!!! Est, her brother, is just as amazing. I can't wait to see what happens with them, and furthermore, maybe their family!
On Sunday we made a point to call a million random numbers. Turns out, our less actives (hundreds...) were simply forgotten! Calling them was so amazing! I KNOW WE CAN GET THEM BACK!!
Roi Et is where I'm supposed to be. This is just insane. God seriously has been THROWING people into our doors, ready to meet us! Miracles, people! Miracles!!!
My companion is doing awesome. We are so close. Sometimes she has no clue what's going on, but she's always smiling and you know what? Somehow her charity is bringing all these people towards us. I just know it. She's a boss. And way cute.
Hey, my friends. I just want you to know, where-ever you are, whomever you may be engaged or married to, whatever you may be doing: school, work, whatever! I want to thank you for getting me here to Thailand. It's been made clear-- this place is ready to have a temple wayyy soon.

Sister Painter

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