Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mailman, oh Mailman

To the tune of "Matchmaker Matchmaker" from Fiddler on the Roof. ... Sort of.

Mailman, oh Mailman, bring me a call.
Bring me a call from the good Lord of all.
Have it say, "Sister Painter, I need you,
to teach in a I've prepared you to do." 
Mailman, oh Mailman, where is your van?
Bring me a envelope-- fast as you can!
Have it be white and say, "1st Presidency,"
This is the way that I want it to be! 
Mailman, oh Mailman, I'm stalking you here,
Sitting at the window with excitement and fear
that you won't come and I'll wait seven more days,
Bring me a call-- and please don't delay! 
Mission call, Mission call-- the voice of a trump!
Don't care where I'm sent, even to a dump!
Just tell me I can serve and find God's children,
and stay away from those flirty men! 
Mailman, oh Mailman, I'm going crazy,
Within an hour: it's you and it's me.
I'm diving in front of your van like a kook,
It's okay, cause my mission call I just took 
when you weren't looking I snatched it from you,
That's what a crazy girl, yes, would do.
Luckily I haven't done that quite just yet,
but make me wait thirty more minutes and I would-- I bet! 
Future Sister Painter

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